What is a Wind Turbine?

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The wind turbine, also known as wind turbine or Wind Generation System, is an electric generator that has the ability to convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy. Being one of the main sustainable methods of production of renewable and non-polluting energy.

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How does a wind turbine work?

Similar to a windmill, the wind turbine has blades that move with the speed of the wind, spinning the rotor, which, in turn, transmits the rotation to the generator and, finally, converts that mechanical energy into electrical energy.

What is a wind turbine?

Advantages of a wind turbine

One of the main factors for the great adhesion of wind power plants in Brazil is due to the fact that our territory has a favorable abundance of winds, mainly in the coastal strip.

In addition, the advantages of wind energy are presented in:

  • Being less polluting: By not using resources that cause biological danger (such as nuclear energy) or water, causes minimal impact on nature during the generation of electricity;
  • Promoting the local economy: Being deployed in more remote regions, due to the strength of the wind, the wind farm besides generating local jobs, drives a new economy;
  • Reduce government spending: Considering the cost of a hydro or nuclear power plant, a wind power plant has a much lower cost;
  • Preserving the environment: By not using water, the wind farm can be installed in a smaller area, not influencing the vegetation and the habitat of the animals;
  • 100% renewable energy: Because it depends only on the force of the winds, it is considered one of the cleanest and most renewable energies on the planet.

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