A high-quality engineering and low cost, tailored to customer needs with qualified professionals, as well as a well-defined strategic planning, seeking efficiency and excellence in the provision of our services. Following some of our scope of these services may vary from project to project.

Owner's Engineering in the Deplayment
  • Executive project analysis;
  • Engineering Executive owner:
    • Planning;
    • civil works;
    • Electromechanical supplies SE, LT and RM;
    • Testing and commissioning SE, LT and RM;
    • wind turbine:
      • Supplies;
      • Electromechanical assemblies;
      • Testing and commissioning.
    • Date books.
  • Inspection and surveillance in the factory:
    • Inspection factory of wind turbines components;
    • Inspection on Electric BOP factory.
Owner's Engineering in Wind Turbine Maintenance
  • Management and planning;
  • Management of O & M scheduled;
  • Management of O & M preventive;
  • Management of O & M predictive;
  • Anticipation Warranty output.


We have a partnership with the German company Aerodyn, one of the leading companies in wind turbine projects. Following the design of licenses offered by the company.

aM 1.5MW R77/83/87/92

Main Data – R77 | R83 | R87 | R92
Rotor diameter: 77.1 m | 82.7 m | 86.7 m | 92.1 m
Type class: TC2A+ | TC2A | TC3A| TC3B
Rated Speed: 18.5 rpm | 17.4 rpm | 17.6 rpm | 16.6 rpm
Nominal power: 1500 kW
Tilt angle: 4°
Cone Angle: 3,5°
Generator concept: DFIG | PMSG
Converter voltage: 690 V
Frequency: 50 | 60 Hz
Operation Data
Cut-out wind speed: 25 m/s
Climate conditions: HC | NC | CC
Rotor: 31.5 to | 31.6 to | 32.6 to | 35.1 to
Nacelle: 60.3 to

aM 2.5MW R96/103/110/120

Main Data – R96 | R103 | R110 | R120
Rotor diameter: 96.1 m | 102.9 m | 109.7 m | 120.0 m
Type class: TC2A+ | TC2A | TC3A | TC3B
Rated Speed: 14.8 rpm | 13.9 rpm | 13.0 rpm | 12.2 rpm
Nominal Power: 2500 kW
Tilt angle: 4°
Cone Angle: 3,5°
Generator concept: DFIG | PMSG
Converter voltage: 690 V
Frequency: 50 | 60 Hz
Operation Data
Cut-out wind speed: 22 m/s
Climate conditions: HC | NC | CC
Rotor: 55.5 to | 56.1 to | 56.2 to | 53.4 to
Nacelle: 93.2 to

aM 3.0MW R103/134/140

Main Data – R103 | R134 | R140
Rotor diameter: 102.9 m | 133.6 m | 140.0 m
Type class: TC1B Offshore | TC2A | TC3A
Rated Speed: 14.9 rpm | 10.46 rpm | 10.5 rpm
Nominal Power: 3000 kW
Tilt angle: 4° | 5° | 5°
Cone Angle: 3,5°
Generator concept: DFIG | PMSG
Converter voltage: 690 V
Frequency: 50 | 60 Hz
Operation Data
Cut-out wind speed: 25 m/s | 25 m/s | 22 m/s
Climate conditions: NC
Rotor: 56.1 to | 74.6 to | 73.7 to
Nacelle: 93.2 to | 125 to |125 to



Extensive experience in wind turbines since 1999 in wind projects in Germany, and increasing their know-how in wind projects in Brazil since 2005 with the Wind River Complex Fire. The following types of advice that we have experience and knowledge to perform.

  • Engineering consultancy specializing in wind turbines
  • Expert advice for development and installation of wind projects
  • Consultancy and technical support in the pre-auction and post-auction;
  • Technical expertise in arbitration aerogenerators
  • diligence inspection in factory wind turbine components
  • supply contract analysis and operation and maintenance entrepreneur with manufacturer and supplier manufacturer
  • Consulting technical engineering specializing in wind related to the manufacture of towers
  • Engineering and supervision in the reform of wind turbines (Repowering)
  • Monitoring of airspeed measurements in standard AMA / EPE
  • CMS data analysis – monitoring system operating conditions of wind turbines
  • power curve check through the SCADA system data analysis
  • Technical evaluation of wind farms in operation
  • Knowledge of marketing rules, penalties and adjustments
  • Training in development of wind projects and operation and maintenance of wind turbines
0 MW
Technical evaluation of wind turbines contracts
0 MW
Inspection and investigations in wind turbine factories
0 MW
Audits to financing banks

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We have great experience and knowledge in development projects. Following some of our scope of development of a wind farm.

  • Monitoring airspeed measurements and solarim is tricas / measurement campaign
  • Analysis of land, areas of influence of other wind farms granted
  • Air Data Analysis and solarim is trophic
  • Preliminary analysis of wind potential and solar
  • Annual production of wind power analysis / micrositing, including losses and associated uncertainties
  • Financial feasibility analysis of wind farms
  • Comparison between wind turbines, analysis of suitability of the wind turbine site
  • Basic design of access and platforms
  • Descriptive history of wind power plants
  • Advice along the regulators ANEEL, EPE and NOS


Qualified and well-defined maintenance planning, seeking excellence in service delivery and maintenance of substations.

  • Air Media Network and Buried
  • Transition line
  • Bay Connection
  • Substation


Adding the latest equipment to experienced and committed professionals, Windcraft performs a complete analysis of end of warranty, with technical and visual detailing all wind turbine processes.

  • General visual inspection of the wind turbine, foundations + tower + nacelle + rotor, as seen from the nacelle.
  • Visual inspection of the blades, from the ground using high zoom equipment.
  • Visual inspection of the blades, from the ground using drones.
  • Main component inspections with Boroscopy in the main bearing.
  • Main component inspections with Boroscopy in Gearbox
  • Main component inspections with Boroscopy in Generator
  • Current flow measurement (Megometer)
  • Generator alignment verification with gearbox.
  • Hydraulic pressure measurement (Manometer).
  • Pressure measurement of break system (Manometer).
  • Torque inspection of tower bolts and blade bolts (Nylon Hammer)
  • Extraction of grease samples for laboratory analysis of blades bearings, main bearing, generator bearings and yaw bearing.
  • Extraction of oil samples for laboratory analysis: Gearbox oil, and hydraulic oil.
  • Vibration analysis of rotor and main shaft, main bearings, Gearbox and generator.

We believe and we are aware of the great Brazilian wind potential, therefore we would like to contribute to making the most efficient and inexpensive wind energy with low environmental impact and promoting the reduction of Brazil’s water problems through wind energy storage in hydroelectric dams.


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